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How to Protect Your Skin While Enjoying the Sun

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Catch the Sun While Caring for Your Skin

In the middle of a cold and snowy winter, just thinking about sunny summer days can be rejuvenating. Traveling to Turks and Caicos in the winter time of course is even better.

The blue skies and turquoise waters provide a powerful boost to body and soul. Your visit to Grace Bay is like a week-long, massive dose of light therapy and Vitamin D supplements.

The challenge of course is giving the restorative Sun the respect it deserves and protecting your skin.

Without a little protection UV rays can damage the collagen that provides your skin with elasticity and keeps it looking smooth.

We have asked one fair-skinned guest, Masae Okabayashi of Canada, about how she cares for here skin.

Skin Care Tips for Your Beach Vacation


“I use cosmetics to protect myself from the sun. So, I use a pre-foundation from DHC. I bought it in Japan, but you can buy it Canada,” says Masae Okabayashi. “It’s cheap but is also very high quality. This pre-foundation serves as a sunscreen.”

Okabayashi traveled to Grace Bay earlier this winter with her family for a much-needed break. Originally from Japan, Okabayashi now resides in Canada.

“Believe it or not, sunlight is far more fierce in Canada than in Japan or the Turks and Caicos,” says Okabayashi. “There is a higher UV index in Canada so I take great care going out into the sun at any time of the year.”

After applying pre-foundation she then applies foundation (DHC or Shiseido)l; after Okabayashi applies a “UV block” powder as a third layer.

“On the back of my neck and my hands I use regular sunscreen,” she says. “Whether I’m on a Caribbean beach or back home I just stay out in the sun for a little while. After that I wear a cardigan when I’m on the beach… I don’t like to overdo it.”

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Okabayashi says she uses a high SPF (50) when she goes to the beach, but if it’s just for going shopping I use an SPF of about SPF 30.

The reason?

“The higher the SPF, the harder it is on your skin,” she says. “Of course, if I’m out for longer than two hours the sunblock will have worn out. So I always bring a sunblock spray with me. It’s something that I can apply over my foundation and so on.”

I use Biore “UV Perfect Spray” that I brought with me from Japan. You can even use it on your hair.

Okabayashi says she takes special care removing sunscreen.

“The first thing I do when I return home, and if I’m not going to go outside again is that I always make sure to wash my face,” she says. “I try not leave makeup on too long after I get home.”

This is because, while sunscreen is great for protecting your skin, it is also a natural desiccant, meaning it dries out your skin.

Dry skin temporarily loses its elasticity, and over time dry skin will lead to wrinkles.

“Of course, wrinkles can be quite lovely, but for the time being I want to hold onto my shiny, smooth skin,” says Okabayashi.

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5 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Skin

  1. Cover up, and consider wearing a light cotton cardigan to the beach
  2. Wear sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30
  3. Understand that sunscreen will dry out and damage your skin, so be sure remove as quickly as possible.
  4. Be gentle on your skin when removing cosmetics
  5. Get plenty of “beauty sleep” by going to bed earlier in the evening.

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