Providenciales International Airport – $10 Million Terminal Expansion Project Is Underway

While the groundbreaking held in March of 2013 marked a momentous milestone for the Providenciales International airport terminal expansion project, the vision for a newly renovated terminal and airport facility is being realized at a rapid rate with much works commencing on the site. Currently construction workers are on site daily plowing away in order to keep a tight 18 month timeline for completion at the end of 2014.

Upon completion in 2014, the PLS airport will be completely transformed and nearly double the size of the current terminal. Travelers will be able to enjoy expanded check-in counter areas and self check in facilities, additional bathrooms, larger space for shops and restaurants, and a larger departure lounge.

For those flying in and out of the PLS airport, below are some helpful tips and airport information featured on

Helpful Airport Tips For Turks & Caicos Travelers:

Airport Check-in Times:

Check in at least 2 hours before international flights, and 45 minutes before domestic flights.


The PLS airport departure lounge has complimentary LIME WiFi.

Ground Transportation:

Upon arrival, taxis are available directly outside the baggage claim area. Visitors may also rent a car during their stay.  Please confirm the cost to your destination before you begin your journey with the taxi driver. Tourists can expect to pay a minimum of $35 for a ride from PLS to the Grace Bay area (more than 2 passengers and extra luggage may incur an additional fee). If you’re renting a car, please note that we drive on the left here in Turks & Caicos. For more information, visit:

Shopping and Eating:

Currently there is a gift shop and a Gilley’s restaurant before you reach the security checkpoint. After the security checkpoint, there is a bar, a duty-free jewelry shop and three gift stores.

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