Visit “Iguana Island” On Your Next Turks & Caicos Trip

We often recommend that guests and families staying at The Sands at Grace Bay consider planning a visit to “Iguana Island” during their Turks & Caicos trip.

Several Providenciales tour providers offer round trip boat rides and snorkeling excursions that include a visit to Little Water Cay – aka “Iguana Island” – a small, protected cay that is home to thousands of endangered Turks and Caicos Rock Iguanas.

This is one of the only places in the world where you can spot these unique iguanas in their natural habitat – and is top attraction for kids.

These large lizards may look scary at first, but they are actually harmless and shy herbivores. A walking trail through Little Water Cay offers visitors an opportunity to view these incredible reptiles up close, as they sun along the sand and rocks of their protected island.

little water cay 2 iguana

Reef Peepers offers a popular half-day snorkeling trip with a visit to Iguana Island that is ideal for families with children 3 years and older, and includes convenient resort pick-up and drop-off by boat. This three hour snorkeling adventure features a 40-foot catamaran boat ride to Iguana Island, snorkel stops along the barrier reef, and time to relax and swim along Providenciales’ secluded beaches. For reservations, tour times, and rates, visit the Reef Peepers website.



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