Tropical Storm Isaac and Turks and Caicos

There has been no damage from Tropical Storm Isaac so far in Turks and Caicos. While NOAA has included TCI in its list of areas to watch for a tropical storm (see below), so far Haiti (far to the south of us) and Cuba (once again, far to the southwest of us) have born the brunt of the storm. Florida seems poised for a storm beginning over the final weekend of August.

However, this tropical storm should not affect flights to and from Turks and Caicos.

Please refer to the Turks and Caicos Airport authority for more information about Tropical Storm Isaac and cancelled flights.

Tropical storm Isaac advanced into Cuba on Saturday after barrelling across Haiti’s southern tip, where the storm resulted in flooding. Isaac’s center made landfall just before midday near the far-eastern tip of Cuba, downing trees and power lines. Forecasters said Isaac poses a threat to Florida on Monday and Tuesday ( just as the Republican Party gathers for its national convention).


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