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Snorkeling in Turks and Caicos – Smith Reef

When snorkeling in the Turks and Caicos, visibility of 30 meters or so (about half the length of a football field) or so is considered normal day, and as a bonus, the Turks and Caicos islands are surrounded by coral reefs that are pristine and mostly untouched – it almost seems as if you could find reef that has never before been seen by human eyes.

The water is warm, and there are plenty of boating and excursion companies here that will take you out to an underwater seawall or to some coral gardens, or to the Endymion wreck site. If you have your own boat you have hundreds of miles of unexplored reefs all to yourself.

But what about those visitors to the Turks and Caicos who are not trained  divers?

Coral Gardens on Grace Bay Beach is a popular location for waders and snorkelers. But in an archipelago with miles and miles of reefs (including one of the longest barrier reefs in the world) it makes sense to search out as many snorkeling spots as possible.

Smith’s Reef: an ideal Turks and Caicos snorkeling spot

Smith’s Reef is one such spot. It’s right off the beach near Turtle Cove on Provo. All you need is your bathing suit, mask, snorkel and flippers.

Park at the end of Coconut Road, or at the end of Smith’s Reef road itself – you may find that you’re the only vehicle there.

The best time is on the incoming tide. Fresh ocean water is displacing the stirred up water near shore. It’s clearer water without all the little bits of sand and particulates that come off the shore line and out of the canals and inlets when the tide is going out.

You’ll immediately know you are in the right place when you start seeing some of the small artificial reef habitats that have been placed along the ‘trail’.

Let us know more about your snorkeling adventure in the Turks and Caicos!

Things To Do In The Caribbean

The Sands at Grace Bay, a hotel in Turks and Caicos

Located just 80 minutes by air from the American mainland, the Sands at Grace Bay hotel in Turks and Caicos feels like a truly special place.

There’s that perfect beach, the spectacular views looking west towards the sunset, and spacious and beautifully appointed suites. It all makes The Sands at Grace Bay the perfect combination of seclusion and sophistication at a Turks & Caicos resort.

The Sands at Grace Bay comprises 114 suites in six, three story buildings embraced by lush tropical landscaping. The location of our resort is spectacular – on the shore of the famous Grace Bay Beach Turks and Caicos with more than  15 kilometers of white powdered sand and dazzling transparent turquoise waters.

The Sands resort sits along world-famous Grace Bay Beach, voted the #1 Beach and Sun Destination in the World by Trip Advisor’s ‘Traveler’s Choice’ Awards. The beach itself is lined with palm trees, and is an easy hop, skip and a jump from the Sands resort itself, which also features private

Close by, there is world-class diving, a variety of water sports, golfing or day cruises to secluded islands. Providenciales also offers many quaint boutiques for fun shopping excursions and a number of historical attractions worth visiting.

The Sands at Grace Bay is a hotel in the Turks and Caicos

Things To Do In The Caribbean Turks Caicos Information

Visit the caves of Middle Caicos

Grace Bay in the Turks and Caicos (TCI) is on a bit of a roll these days – it’s been introduced as one of the world’s top 10 beaches, and the island of Providenciales has been celebrated one of the world’s top honeymoon retreats.

With all this interest, you would think TCI would be a bustling place, but not a long way away to the east of Provo and Grace Bay can be found the most quiet island of Middle Caicos, home to the lowest number of inhabitants in the islands (only 300 full-timers).

If you have the time and cash to charter a boat or fly on an airplane, it’s practical explore some pretty remote landscape on Middle Caicos. The chief allure of the cay are some of the most amazing caves and caverns in the Caribbean.

Generated by the erosion of limestone, the Conch Bar Caves are the greatest above-ground caves in the Turks and Caicos, as well as the nearby Bahamas.

Closeby are the Village Caves, which seem to have been used by by humans since prehistoric times. Limestone outcroppings similar to furniture add to the illusion of human habitation, and water fed by massive underground lakes must have made these subterranean areas an fantastic place to dwell.

The caves themselves were revealed in the last century by guano excavators, and probably had not been seen by human eyes in some time.

It’s thought the grottoes were originally utilized by the Lucayans, the former inhabitants of the Bahamas archipelago (which includes TCI) who were made use of by the Spanish as slaves and died out by around 1520.

Various Lucayan cultural items have been uncovered in the caves, such as intricate “duho” wooden stools, and other remnants that have been unearthed in the caves suggest that Middle Caicos has been a hub of indigenous custom for millennia.

It seems more than likely that the caves on the cay were in use commonly for worship by indigenous folk, and quite possibly as refuge during windstorms. With the arrival ofwhite colonization, native people of Middle Caicos escaped from the shoreline, discovering refuge in the caves, and started to to live in them perpetually.

It makes for an excellent daytrip from Provo!

Things To Do In The Caribbean Turks Caicos Information

Turks and Caicos Events: South Caicos Regatta + TCI Flag Festival

There a couple of Turks and Caicos events coming up this month we think our guest should know about: the Caicos Regatta and the all-new Turks and Caicos international flag festival.

Caicos Regatta

Every year since 1967, TCI has hosted the South Caicos Regatta. an annual festival that features everything from parade floats and Maypole dances, to a Junkanoo music contest, dancing, model competitions and a triathalon. And of course, the event includes a regatta with participants from all over the Turks and Caicos Island chain, and even from other parts of the Caribbean and the North American mainland.

This year, the Caicos Regatta will be held from Thursday, May 24, 2012  to Sunday, May 27, on South Caicos (contact our concierge to get information about how to travel to South Caicos from Provo).

The Caicos Regatta dates back to February 1966, when Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip visited South Caicos on board the beautiful (and now sadly retired) royal yacht HMS Britannia. It was the first royal visit to TCI (still a British Overseas Territory even today), and of the people attending thought the “SAIL PAST – SALUTE” of the local sloops were the highlights of the day. Learn more about the fascinating history of the South Caicos Regatta here.


This year the theme of the Regatta is “Keeping the Vibe Alive”. It means this family-friendly event will be offer plenty of fun for everyone. It’s a great chance to learn more about

TCI Flag Festival

Following the Regatta, stay tuned for the first-ever Turks and Caicos International Flag Festival. The TCI is truly international place, with people coming from all over the world to work here, and to play here. The Turks and Caicos is home to a truly multi-cultural society, and it’s also easier to get from here to there and back again than every before (New York and Toronto, for example, are only about 3 hours away by air).

Flag Fest 2012 will include a kickoff party and a beach picnic. The grand event will be a motorcade and flag party including the Little Miss Flag Fest Pageant at the National Stadium on Venetian Road on Providenciales.

On Sunday, June 3 a Beach Party and Food Festival will be held June 4 at the Children’s Park on the Lower Bight Road.

The Sands at Grace Bay is a Turks and Caicos Resort.

Things To Do In The Caribbean

Caribbean Spring Break vacation ideas for your family

Wondering where to go for a Caribbean Spring Break vacation with your family? Look no further than the Sands at Grace Bay, a family-friendly resort offering a 5-star experience.

At The Sands at Grace Bay Resort, we make it easy for parents to spend quality time with the kids, while providing the opportunity for alone time with their spouses.

Families are welcomed to the property by a new open-air lobby with a signature fruit punch created especially for kids, while there’s a delicious rum punch that welcomes the parents to the Caribbean and the start of a relaxing vacation. With options available for every shape and size of family, guests have their choice of accommodations ranging in size from studios to one, two and three-bedroom suites. Each room comes complete with a big-screen plasma TV and overstuffed couches for comfortable cartoon-watching, kitchens for home-cooked meals and plush bedding for extra bounce. Choose between courtyard, garden or ocean views.

We also make it easy to get out on the water, and have on hand everything from kayaks and windsurfing equipment to snorkel gear and Hobie Cats. The hotel also has three free-form pools for your kids to plan their own underwater adventures. Jump on one of our complimentary bicycles and explore the Grace Bay area. The pristine white beach just off the resort – voted among the world’s best by CondeNast – provides the perfect setting for building sand castles and burying parents and siblings in the sand. Families can gather under the cool shade of beach-side palapas, now an island rarity, and enjoy food by a local favorite, Hemingway’s Restaurant and Bar.

Parents will have a chance at their own private vacation with couple’s spa treatments by Spa Tropique in private treatment rooms, tours for two of Provo’s shopping and nightlife, traditional island cuisine with romantic beach-side seating at Hemingway’ and much more. Dining, spa treatments and other services can be provided in-room to accommodate parents and their children. Babysitting services are also available if you want to spend the night on the town, or spend an evening walking along white sand under a full tropical moon.

Contact the Sands at Grace Bay for more Caribbean Spring Break vacation ideas for your family.

Things To Do In The Caribbean

Grace Bay things to do: watersports

So you’ve made it to Grace Bay and your Caribbean vacation. For most, it’s enough to sit on the white sugary sand of Grace Bay Beach and gaze out at the beautiful azure tones of the Caribbean, or perhaps relax at the pool, in the private seclusion of gardens of tropical plants.

Others, however, get itchy feet, and need to relax by actually doing something. If you’re looking for things to do in Grace Bay, we recommend these 2 watersports.

Want to witness an amazing 7,000 foot drop off and stunning coral reefs, but don’t have a scuba license? SNUBA may be for you. For all intents and purposes scuba diving, SNUBA is a system that provides you with air underwater, but does not require special technical training. You’ll be able to spend more time underwater discovering superb sites and underwater marine life. In the last decade on Turks and Caicos, divers have begun to discover some of the finest coral reefs and walls in the world. From the legendary walls of Grand Turk, West Caicos and Provo’s Northwest Point to the historic wrecks south of Salt Cay, a dozen world-class walls have become Mecca for the serious diver.

Kayaking eco safari
Experience the beauty and tranquility of the Turks and Caicos as you paddle a glass bottom kayak through gentle, shallow waters surrounded by seaweed meadows. See various plants, birds and an impressive Osprey nest. The clean bottom kayak will allow you to see the marine life that lives in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Great for bird watching, this is a true eco safari.

Always a source of Grace Bay things to do, Charles Edwards frequently blogs on Caribbean topics


Things To Do In The Caribbean

Things to do in the Caribbean: Splashdown Grand Turk

things to do in the caribbeanIf you’re looking for an unusual something to do in the Caribbean (in this case the Turks and Caicos), why not check out Splashdown  Grand Turk? As its name implies, this attraction is located on the island of Grand Turk, about 20 minutes by plane from Provo, the Sands at Grace Bay’s home island.

Splashdown Grand Turk is a free exhibit located at the Grand Turk Cruise Center that features exhibits, replicas and memorabilia from the Mercury Space Program, specifically the Friendship 7 mission, which ended when John Glenn splashed down in his capsule in the Atlantic, just a short distance from the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Splashdown Grand Turk also features a lot of cool stuff, such as a 20-foot-tall replica of the Atlas rocket that carried John Glenn into space, plus a reproduction of John Glenn in his space suit, and a life-sized model of the Friendship 7 space capsule itself.

There’s also a lot of other cool stuff to see, including more space memorabilia, lots of detailed models, and displays that talk about the past, present and future of space flight.

The attraction is perfect for families with young children, and can be reached by air, cruise, charter, or even your own sailboat.

Charles frequently posts about things to do in the Caribbean

Things To Do In The Caribbean Turks Caicos Information

Turks & Caicos information: top 3 things to do

We’re proud to say that the Turks & Caicos are natural paradise that appeals to lovestruck newlyweds, serious explorers, and families with children – there’s something to do here for everyone in this natural playground. However, not everyone is familiar with our islands, so we’re preparing a serious of blog posts that detail Turks & Caicos information.

Today’s topic: things to do on the Turks & Caicos

While the Sands at Grace Bay offers the perfect relaxing retreat, either by the side of the pool, or on a sandy beach with views of beautiful turquoise ocean and even bluer sky, there are plenty of other things to do around the islands if you’re in the mood to explore.

Here are the top 3 things to do here:

1. Scuba Diving

The Turks and Caicos island chain features the third-longest barrier reefs in the world – it’s over 125 miles long, and shelters the north shore of the island of Providenciales.and the reef is perfect for scuba diving.

With spectacular underwater visibility providing excellent opportunities to explore spot the coral reefs, sea mounts and sea walls, as well as encounters with schools of tropical fish, sea turtles, eagle rays, sharks and even migrating humpback whales, the Turks and Caicos barrier reef is a must-see destination for anyone interested in underwater activities.

The Turks Bank is also another popular scuba destination, and is made up of two expansive underwater limestone plateaus. If you’re hoping to encounter turtles, dolphins and Blue Marlin, head to the Turks Bank.

2. Explore Provo’s natural beauty

On terra firm, the island of Providenciales (where Sands at Grace Bay is located) features many salt marshes that act as a watery landing strip for migratory birds including egrets, terns and frigates. Bird watchers can track more than 150 species of birds, such as pelicans, flamingos, osprey and Cuban crows. There’s even a Flamingo Pond that’s home to hundreds of these graceful pink creatures.

If you feel like chartering a tour, there is also habitat on isolated cays for rare iguanas.

The Turks and Caicos are also famous for limestone caves, among the most expansive in the entire Caribbean. Middle Caicos, to the east of Provo, has the most limestone caves. Once on Middle Caicos, visitors are greated by the towering cliffs that climb above Mudjidin Beach. The caves themselves are reached after a short walk across the Cay.

3. Relax on the beach

Providenciales and the Turks and Caicos are known all over the world for superb beaches, romantic sunsets, and an premium mix of privacy and tasteful oppulence. Sit beneath the shade of a beach umbrella and enjoy a magnificent panorama of soft white sand, azure ocean and cloudless skies the color of sapphire by day, and blazing sunsets and sensual moonlight bynight.

Not everyone is familiar with our islands, so we’re preparing a serious of blog posts that detail Turks & Caicos information.

Things To Do In The Caribbean

Turks and Caicos things to do for Christmas and New Years

things to do turks and caicos christmas
Courtesy TCI Tourism

There are many things to do on Turks and Caicos during the Christmas holiday season. Here are a few activities:

2nd Annual Maskanoo Celebrations
Turks and Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association (TCHTA) and the Cultural & Arts Commission (CAC) are pleased to announce the 2nd annual Maskanoo Celebrations. Maskanoo will be held in the tourist capital of Providenciales, following a route along Grace Bay Road between the Regent Village and Salt Mills Plaza. Persons attending the event will enjoy the street parade, local music, island food, arts, & entertainment.

Post-Christmas Beach Party
On December 28, come out to enjoy local band, native foods, model sailboat racing, kayak racing, handcrafts and more. Ferry/bus combo tickets from Provo and local bus for North & Middle Caicos available. Church groups cook & raise funds for their projects-call 231-4884 for details.

Old Year’s Night
Old tradition for bringing good luck in the new year. All night service in churches, everyone rings out old year and rings in New Year with bells, church gatherings and community greeting.

New Years Eve Parties
Ports of Call, Providenciales – Live Music – No Cover
Check with the local restaurants for special events

Jump Up Junkanoo
Junkanoo street music takes place from midnight to sunrise, New Year’s morning on most islands.

If you have any ideas for more things to do on the Turks and Caicos during Christmas, please let us know!

Beach Weddings Turks Caicos Things To Do In The Caribbean

When planning a Caribbean beach wedding, Turks & Caicos is an ideal choice

When planning a beach wedding, Turks & Caicois is an ideal choice.Over the past 15 years, Providenciales, or “Provo”, the westernmost island in the Turks & Caicos chain, has enjoyed fantastic growth – the island has really come into its own as a Caribbean destination.Growth in this case means careful preservation of a balance between providing amenities for residents and visitors, while also preserving the stunning natural beauty of the island.This combination of convenience and secluded beaches and luxury resort destinations make the Turks and Caicos the perfect place to plan a “Caribbean-style” beach wedding.

But first, more about our wonderful home:

Providenciales (aka “Provo”) is the commercial hub of the Turks and Caicos Islands, a relatively little-visited island chain floating on the blue and placid Caribbean Sea.

While we love to swim, windsurf and scuba dive here on Provo, our islands, with their backdrop of onyx water, brilliant coral sand, and majestic palm trees makes what we feel are the most romantic weddings in the world.

But it’s what newlyweds and their guests can do after the wedding during their stay here that is equally important.

What to do on Provo after your wedding

1. Go golfing

Provo is home to an 18-hole golf course, a casino, three marinas and multiple shopping centers. Yet it is the the sea, focus of all life on the islands, that is the true treasure here.

2. Go exploring

shallow azure sea that home to an abundance of marine life, including conch shells and lobster.
Grace Bay, on the the north coast, is the one of the most famous beaches in the Caribbean.

Add an air of mystery to your wedding experience by visiting “The Hole” at Long Bay. The Hole is a deep limestone chimney that ends with an unexplored pool of saltwater. Pirate treasure is rumoured to be buried here, so maybe your guests will be the first to find it.

3. Go cruising

For your guests, arrange a sunset sailboat cruise. Visit Cheshire Hall and the Richmond Hill plantation ruins, or Sapodilla Bay and its many shipwreck remains.

4. Spend time on the beach

Famed for bathing, snorkelling, and even a long-distance open-water race, this beach is the perfect backdrop for a wedding, or the perfect place to spend your honeymoon.

5. Spend time at our resort!

Bask in the sun alongside one of our free-form swimming pools or on the sands of our pristine beach. The location of our resort is spectacular – on the shore of the famous Grace Bay Beach Turks and Caicos with more than 12 miles of white powdered sand and dazzling transparent turquoise waters.

Anything is possible when you get married on Provo.

We think that when planning a Caribbean beach wedding, Turks & Caicos is an ideal choice.