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Kid-Friendly Snorkeling in Provo: Bight Reef, Coral Gardens

Also known as Bight Reef, the Coral Gardens snorkeling area is just a short walk down the beach from the Sands at Grace Bay resort and is one of the most popular snorkeling areas in Providenciales. The shallow and calm waters that can be accessed right from the beach, the diversity of fish, the clearly marked boundaries, and the safely roped off area make this a great spot for families and beginners to snorkel. Plus, guests staying at The Sands at Grace Bay may use the resort’s complimentary snorkeling gear to bring to this popular snorkeling site.

The reef extends 350 feet out from the beach and tends to have a large number of tame fish, as well as sea turtles, stingrays, and lobsters. Water depth ranges from 3 to 16 feet.

There is also a Bight Reef Snorkel Trail here, with markers that are anchored to the sea floor describing the beautiful corals that can be found around this snorkeling site. Two marker buoys indicate both ends of the snorkel trail.

For more information and photos, visit: http://www.visittci.com/providenciales/bight-reef

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