Tips For Taking Spectacular Vacation Photos in Turks & Caicos…Part Two

Last month, Paradise Photography (located in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos) offered resort guests staying at The Sands at Grace Bay some great tips for taking spectacular photos during their Turks & Caicos vacation. This is part 2 of their helpful “photography tips for vacationers” series (checkout more photo-taking tips here:

1.   Tell a Story: Photography is about storytelling.  So, tell your story and make it a memorable one.  The stronger the story, the longer it will last in your viewer’s mind.  Here we have a story of a little girl in flight.  Will she make it or will she not?  Dad is confident.  Mom and brother are left wondering.  How do you think the story ends?

photo 1

2. Be Creative with your Surroundings:  One of a photographer’s greatest challenges is to consistently create images that are fresh and unique.   Some people think that creativity cannot be taught.  However, some of us disagree.  One method to stimulate your artistic juices is to use your surroundings and objects in your surroundings to create the composition.  For example, the following image demonstrates how a leopard skin lampshade, a matching pillow, a window for lighting, and a motivated bride with bouquet can all come together to create a one-of-a-kind portrait.

photo 2

3. Embrace the Wind:   Wind can be your enemy or you best friend if you know how to harness it.  Studio photographers go to great lengths to create artificial wind.  Here in the tropics we have all the natural wind we need to create unique images.  Learn how to use the wind by turning your subject in the optimal direction to capture images that are dynamic and full of life.  For instance, cathedral veils and poofy dresses are great props to use when there is a stiff breeze.  So let them flow, and use them to create leading lines and powerful compositions.

photo 3

4. Create Amazing Panoramics by Stitching:  Creating panoramic images from multiple overlapping images has become fairly simple with the advent of high tech camera equipment and advanced stitching software.  The important things to remember in using this technique are:

  1. Keep your camera level as you rotated from image to image.
  2. Hold your camera steady or use a tripod.
  3. Overlap each image.
  4. Capture each image with the same camera settings.
  5. Don’t make the final panoramic too long.  A length to width ratio of 4:1 or less is ideal.

photo 4 part 1photo 4 part 2

Paradise Photography is a full service boutique photography company located in Providenciales that offers a variety of different photography, videography and portrait package options for those visiting the Turks & Caicos Islands. The Master and Certified Professional Photographers offer a variety of custom photography services including weddings, creative family or couple portrait sessions, events, and more. For more information, visit or call 202-494-0639.

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