Provo airport expansion is good news for Turks and Caicos flights

turks and caicos flightsProvidenciales International Airport will soon enjoy a  a $10 million expansion, which is good news indeed for Turks and Caicos flights. Over the past few years, Providencials airport (PLS) has seen double digit growth in passenger arrivals, so a bigger, better airport is great for everyone.

About 500,000 people pass each year through Providenciales Airport on their way to Caribbean vacations (ideally at our exclusive Turks and Caicos luxury resort here on Grace Bay).

The airport upgrade will allow PLS to handle more passengers more comfortably during peak tourist season, according to the Turks and Caicos Islands Airport Authority.

The planned expansions will nearly double the size of the terminal, and will also include expanded check in counter areas and self check in facilities, larger retail space for shops and restaurants, and a larger departure lounge.

Special attention is being paid to extending the international check in area, the security area, as well as the arrivals hall. It’s all about speeding up the process of arriving in the Turks and Caicos islands.

The strong growth in visitors to Provo has been a result of both the popularity of the Turks and Caicos as a vacation destination, as well as increased airline service to the territory.

Basic Turks and Caicos flights information:

Turks and Caicos flights take less than 4 hours from major east coast hubs such as Toronto, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Boston, Charlotte, Atlanta and Miami in North America.  Airlines that provide service from North America include Air Canada, West Jet, Jet Blue, American Airlines, US Airways, Delta and Continental.

There are daily flights from Miami, and the New York area year-round, as well as frequent direct flights from other major centers.

A weekly flight from London is also operated by British Airways.

Regional carriers, including Air Turks and Caicos, offer direct flights to Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and Bahamas.

For more information about Turks and Caicos flights, please contact our front desk.

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