“What are Popular Day Trips in the Turks and Caicos?”

“What are popular day trips in the Turks and Caicos?” is a common question we’re asked. While many visitors to Turks and Caicos are quite happy to relax on Grace Bay Beach, with maybe an expedition to the swim-up bar in the resort pool, the isolated islands and cays here provide an entire world to explore.

But what many visitors are unaware of is that the pristine, isolated cays and islands of Turks and Caicos provide plenty of opportunities for exploration, as well the chance to stay at some of the most magnificent luxury resorts in the world.

Providenciales is just the gateway to all that the Turks and Caicos has to offer. Even if you’re happy to be based on Grace Bay Beach, there are also day trips that are easy to arrange.

Iguana Island

We often recommend that guests and families staying at The Sands at Grace Bay consider planning a visit to “Iguana Island” during their Turks & Caicos trip.

Several Providenciales tour providers offer round trip boat rides and snorkeling excursions that include a visit to Little Water Cay – aka “Iguana Island” – a small, protected cay that is home to thousands of endangered Turks and Caicos Rock Iguanas.

This is one of the only places in the world where you can spot these unique iguanas in their natural habitat – and is top attraction for kids.

These large lizards may look scary at first, but they are actually harmless and shy herbivores. A walking trail through Little Water Cay offers visitors an opportunity to view these incredible reptiles up close, as they sun along the sand and rocks of their protected island.

North and Middle Caicos Day Trips

Lying to the east of Providenciales, sparsely populated North and Middle Caicos offer a glimpse into the way the Caribbean used to be. Perfect for day trips, both islands feature isolated beaches, hiking trails to hike and caves to explore.

North Caicos (called just “North”) is a fun island to explore. With its lush green hills, it’s very distinct from Providenciales, yet has many of the same attractions: beautiful beaches, friendly people and peaceful surroundings.

Key attractions on Middle Caicos include exploring Wade’s Green Plantation and snorkeling at Three Mary’s Cay.

After that, drive over the causeway that connects North and Middle Caicos.

Middle Caicos

Middle Caicos, to the east of North Caicos, is an International Ramsar Biodiversity Wetland Reserve, a site dedicated to protecting the habitat for the local flora and fauna.

The island is a combination of beautiful inlets, marshes, mangroves and land ponds which serve as a haven for wildlife and nature. The rambling trails offer hours of exploration by bike or on foot.

Middle Caicos is also known for its magnificent caves. The caves, which can be easily reached as part of a day trip from Providenciales, are among the largest in the Caribbean. It’s a great way to take a look back in time at the natural history of the islands.

And of course there are magnificent beaches here, including Mudjin Harbor, one of the world’s most breathtaking places. Many days you may be the only one there.

Further up the road, Bambarra Beach is the home of one of the first settlements in the islands (it’s where our local drink Bambarra Rum gets its name).

Eat lunch at Daniel’s Cafe on Middle Caicos, which serves up fresh local seafood with a view of the beautiful white sand beach.

South Caicos

The “Big South,” isolated South Caicos is known for fishing, paddling, snorkeling and spectacular sunsets. Many parts of the island remain untouched and undeveloped, making it easy to imagine the days of when pirates ruled these seas.

These days South Caicos is an excellent spot to see flamingos, or encounter donkeys roaming freely on the island. The rolling landscape makes South Caicos a great place to enjoy a hike or hop on a bike.

This is the Caribbean untouched, the way it used to be.

Just a short 10 minute flight from Providenciales, South Caicos is an easy hop to enjoy another stunning private island. When visiting Turks and Caicos, spend a few days in Providenciales and then fly to newly opened East Bay Resort on South Caicos.

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