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How to Plan a Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaway In Turks and Caicos…

…without your partner catching wind of it beforehand.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Do you have any plans? Does the prospect of planning a romantic getaway fill you with anxiety? Down here in the Turks and Caicos, we can provide some help.

Here are the five steps you need to take to plan the perfect surprise romantic getaway for the Valentine’s Day holiday.

1. Careful Planning is the Key to Spontaneity

While flying off at a moment’s notice may seem romantic, in fact it’s a recipe for relationship disaster. For one thing, some of us are planners, while some of us are more spontaneous by nature. Which one are you? What about your lover?

While different approaches to travel can turn off each personality type, a little planning goes a long way.

Provo Airport (PLS)

While you want to surprise your lover with a trip, try to make a plan:

  • When will you both be free at the same time?
  • Will you be able to make a reservation?
  • What happens if you need to cancel?

Details like these are decidedly unromantic. But, done right, all this planning creates the illusion of spontaneity and romance.

2. Be Sneaky

Sometimes keeping a secret is one of the most memorable parts of a romantic relationship. Does everyone need to know where you’re going? Not necessarily.

Of course, you can’t just vanish for a week — you’ll need to tell someone where you’re going. But you can choose to go someplace off the beaten track (like Turks and Caicos).

Image by Andy Atzert.

Choose a destination with miles of deserted beach. Or maybe hide out by the pool in your all-inclusive resort. But adding a bit of mystery to your Valentine’s getaway is a surefire recipe for romance.

3. It’s All About Location

You’ll want to maximize your downtown, not your airtime. So, try to find a place that’s easy to get to, ideally by direct flight, and won’t leave you tired and crabby when you arrive.

Image by Flicker user Ali West. Middle Caicos.

Make sure your hotel is close to the airport, and you don’t have to fight through traffic to get there. A beachfront location is obviously ideal.

Spectacular beauty also ups the romance factor. A lot of romantic destinations may look ideal in the brochures, but when you get there you’ll find the beach is crowded, or fenced off by boxy condo developments.

Grace Bay Beach, we might suggest, is different.

Twelve miles of beautiful powdery sand, and turquoise seas that are out of a dream. Best of all? You’ll have the beach to yourself.

We’re a direct flight from the mainland, and we’re off the beaten track. And we’re in a beautiful location.

4. Plan for Romance

There are two types of romantic getaways. The first type is to hole up in your luxury resort. The second type is to go out exploring. This could mean  Both can be great for a romantic date with your loved one. To make this decision, consider whether your partner generally enjoys going out or staying in. You want them to be comfortable.

  • Staying at your resort means you will have privacy and not be distracted by other people
  • Going out can make for a special evening by doing something out of the ordinary

5. Enjoy Yourself

Finally, after all of your planning and (hopefully) sneaking around, learn to live in the moment. You may for feel like you have all these things you “just have to do” to make it a romantic getaway.

If such thoughts stress you out, then just choose two or three things you really want to do, and do them. Ignore everything else!

Let romance take its course!

What Are Your Recommendations?

Remember, you can sneak romance into almost any getaway, including family vacations. It takes a bit of planning, a touch of spontaneity, and and openness to letting things happen.

Do you have any advice for planning the perfect romantic getaway? Let us know in the comments below.

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