5 must-see’s near Grace Bay Beach

The island of Provo, while small and private, is also filled with interesting things to do and see. Here are our top 5:

1) Check out the National Environment Centre

Close to Grace Bay Beach and the Sands resort, the National Environmental Centre (NEC), shows the natural habitats and ecosystems of the Turks and Caicos Islands. A Children’s Park is located nearby.

2) Visit Coral Gardens

The Coral Gardens are perfect for kids, and are quite close to shore. Remember to bring surf shoes, a mask and snorkel, and also remember that children should be watched at all times.

3) Go to the beach

While most guests never want to leave the white sand of Grace Bay Beach, the following beaches are also fun to visit:

  • Sapodilla Bay
  • Princess Alexandra National Park
  • Taylor Bay
  • Northwest Point Beach
  • Long Bay Beach

4) Visit the Graceway Sports Centre

This area is perfect for families with young children, with a pool and various recreational activities. It’s also quite close to our resort on the Leeward Highway.

5) Join the Race for the Conch

The Race for the Conch is an Eco-Swim, openwater swimming competition held every year on the island of Provo. It’s a world-class event that attracts top competitors. Either join the race, or look on. It’s an exciting way to spend your time here by our resort.

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