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Family-friendly Excursions

Familes will love the natural wonders and diversity on Providenciales.

Visit to “Iguana Island”: Several Providenciales tour providers offer round trip boat rides and snorkeling excursions that include a visit to Little Water Cay – aka “Iguana Island” – a small, protected cay that is home to thousands of endangered Turks and Caicos Rock Iguanas. This is one of the only places in the world where you can spot these unique iguanas in their natural habitat – and is top attraction for kids. These large lizards may look scary at first, but they are actually harmless and shy herbivores. A walking trail through Little Water Cay offers visitors an opportunity to view these incredible reptiles up close, as they sun along the sand and rocks of their protected island.

Snorkel & Conch Cruise: Caicos Dream Tours offers a popular half-day snorkeling trip that is ideal for families and children of all ages. This four-hour snorkel and conch cruise excursion is offered 7 days a week and allows families to experience the third largest coral reef system in the world that surrounds the island of Providenciales. This is a terrific excursion option for families looking for a half-day snorkeling adventure that offers breathtaking sights both above and below water and four hours of pure fun. For more information, visit our Excursions page, contact our Tour Operator Desk, or contact us directly.

Undersea Explorer: Caicos Tours provides a fun way for families to see the underwater world without getting wet, from inside a semi-submarine vessel known as the “Undersea Explorer.” This specially designed boat operates just above the surface of the water and allows passengers to sit and view the breathtaking Coral Reef, fish, turtles, and even a “real life Mermaid” from five feet below water, through viewing windows. Tours are 45 minutes in length. More information can be found on the Caicos Tours website.

Glow Worm Sunset Tours: A Glow Worm Sunset Cruise promises a magical evening for all ages. On this unique boat tour, your family will have the opportunity to watch the water come alive with beautiful green flashes of light that are produced by marine worms – a unique natural phenomenon that only occurs in this part of the Caribbean for a few nights each month following a full moon. For more Glow Worm Tour information, visit our Tour Operator Desk located at our Beach Hut or contact us directly.

Horseback Riding: Provo Ponies offers a one-of-a-kind horseback riding tour along a secluded stretch of Long Bay Beach on the southeast end of Providenciales, where horses may actually walk through the quiet shallow waters of the ocean. Two guided horseback rides, one morning and one afternoon ride, are offered every Monday through Friday. These tours are for children 7 years and older, and all riding levels are welcome including beginners who have limited or no experience riding. For added convenience, Provo Ponies offers optional transportation to/from The Sands at Grace Bay and their stables for an additional charge. Visit the Provo Ponies website for more information, rates, and to make reservations.

Snuba: Snuba is a fun, kid-friendly way to explore the underwater world without needing a scuba dive certification. Snuba is a shallow water diving system that bridges the gap between snorkeling and scuba diving. It allows all ages, from kids ages 8 and up to seniors, to swim a maximum of 20 feet underwater to view tropical marine life in their natural habitat including turtles, stingrays, lobsters, and beautiful fish and coral reefs. Click here for more information on Snuba tours in Providenciales.