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Kayaking Tours

Discover a unique ecosystem with a Turks & Caicos kayaking tour.

If you want an intimate understanding of the Turks and Caicos, kayaking is the way to go. From coral reefs quite close to our resort, to the wild, isolated beauty of the shallow, turquoise Caicos Bight, there are a variety of opportunities. Excursions are either guided or self-guided so you can experience local wildlife and ecology.

Contact our Tour Operator Desk located between Hemingway’s and our main swimming pool for more kayak tour information.

Paddling in the Turks and Caicos

Paddle just off the beach or across the Leeward Channel. Explore the mangroves and shallow waters that are home to many marine creatures, including resident pods of dolphins, solemn turtles, and eagle rays.

It’s possible to get a good look at coral reefs that lie just below under the crystal-clear water. Just a few “paddles” offshore lie even more vibrant corals, brilliant white sand, and dozens of species of rainbow-colored fish including Parrot Fish, African Pompano, and other unique fish.