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Glow Worm Tours

Glow worm tours are a great way to observe a luminescent monthly mating ritual.

A unique natural phenomenon that occurs only in this part of the Caribbean, and only for a few nights each month. Local tour providers offer Glow Worm Sunset Cruises where you will have the opportunity to watch the water come alive with beautiful green flashes of light.

Glow Worms – Precise Timing, Brilliant Results

Every month for one or two nights following the full moon, the shallow waters of the Caicos Banks to the southwest of Provo are the scene of a wonderful natural phenomenon: millions of glow worms come together to emit unearthly green flashes of light that are visible from the surface of the water.

The glowing lights are produced by a marine worm (Odontosyllis enopla – aka “The Bermudian Fireworm”) and can only be found in shallow waters around the Turks and Caicos and Bermuda to the north.

These marine creatures are known as “glow worms” because of the green luminescence that accompanies their spawning cycle, which usually happens for two or three successive evenings following the full moon.

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