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Private Bottom Fishing Charters

Easy booking for an extraordinary fishing excursion.

Half-Day Private bottom fishing charters are offered by Caicos Dream Tours and may be conveniently booked by guests of The Sands at Grace Bay at our Tour Desk, located to the right of Hemingway’s next to our main swimming pool.

This four-hour private fishing excursion may accommodate up to 6 guests and includes a private boat ride to the National Park to grassy spots along the cays and reefs where fish are plentiful. You may catch a variety of species including Groupers (Strawberry, Black and Nassau), Yellow Tail Jacks, Snappers (Mutton, Mangrove) as well as troll for Barracuda.

Lunch and refreshments will be served and guests can also choose to snorkel along the reef as complimentary snorkeling equipment is also provided.


Beach pickup, all bottom fishing gear, optional reef snorkeling equipment, freshly grilled fish and/or lobster and selection of deli sandwiches for lunch and refreshments including rum punch, beer, assorted soda and light snacks.

To Book

For more information or to reserve a bottom fishing charter, contact our Tour Desk or visit the fishing charters information at Caicos Dream Tours.


Twice daily departures are offered: 9:00am & 1:30pm.